"Each of their approaches and relationships to the hospitals and patients was clear – like a menu to consider as an institution on what kind of program development might be best and possible for us. The profound level of care that each artist brings to their work, the improvisational nature, the basic deep core of compassion and universal love, is amazing and so unique."

- On The Creative Center's Artists-In-Residence


The Creative Center Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program offers patients, at their bedsides and in small group settings, the opportunity to be absorbed in their own creative process, as an antidote to the pain, anxiety and boredom that is often associated with a hospitalization and a diagnosis of cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Artists-In-Residence are carefully selected and trained to work within the hospital setting and receive support and on-going supervision by The Creative Center staff. Creating art projects tailored to each patient and health care setting, AIRs
commit to a minimum of one year of work, working one day each week, as a responsible member of the hospital team.

In addition to hospital bedside programs, The Creative Center's Senior Artist-in-Residence programs are operating in several locations in the New York Metropolitan area, bringing the experience of making art to elders, from older adults in the community to the frail elderly.

Benefits for Patients

Beyond providing much-needed relief and distraction from the anxiety, pain, and boredom that is often associated with a hospital stay, the Hospital Artist-In-Residence Program provides patients with a way to become absorbed in their own creative process. Patients and staff quickly discover that they are more than their disease as they begin to explore art-making, some for the first time in their lives.

Benefits for Hospitals

By providing one-on-one sessions with a caring and supportive artist, The Creative Center's programs augment the patient support services already in place in most hospitals. The artwork that is created provides lively discussion between patients and hospital staff on a more individual and personal basis. The nursing and support staff of the hospitals feel proud to be able to offer something very special, and in many cases, have provided exhibition space for patient artwork.