• Hospital Artist-In-Residence Program
    Trains and employs artists to work in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, senior programs and other health care facilities to provide art experiences at patients' bedsides, treatment areas, and in waiting rooms to patients, families, and health care staff.

  • ZOOM Art Workshop Program
    Provides daily free-of-charge art workshops to people with cancer and other chronic illnesses on a semester basis. Class curriculum covers a variety of mediums including photography, drawing, writing, painting, jewelry design, dance, acting, sculpting and is taught by professional artists and art educators.

  • Virtual Art Making Program
    Our team of Hospital Artists-In-Residence and arts workshop instructors have created step-by-step activities in step-by-step tutorials and videos so that we can continue to promote better, healthier, and more creative lives for all those who engage with our programs. We hope to provide arts activities and experiences that foster self-expression, but also reduce stress, create community, and bring joy, no matter where you are!