The Creative Center Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program offers patients, at their bedsides and in small group settings, the opportunity to be absorbed in their own creative process, as an antidote to the pain, anxiety and boredom that is often associated with a hospitalization and a diagnosis of cancer and other serious illnesses.

During COVID-19, all of our programs were adapted to go online and artists were deemed non-essential workers and asked not to come to their hospitals sites. The foundation of this work is personal, in person intersection in addition to art making helps to prevent depression in those being treated for chronic illness. 

To continue to create personal dynamics between artists and patients/participants, you can learn more about our artists and even contact them to schedule and appointment:

Cibele Vieira, Mount Sinai Downtown and New York Presbyterian

Cibele is a conceptual artist who believes in the power of the arts to communicate and create communities. She also believes that part of the artist's job is to share and educate the general public about contemporary art.

Carmen Rios: BronxCare Hospital Center, Family Medicine

Carmen Paulino is a visual artist who lives and works at El Barrio's Artspace PS 109. She provides on going community art programming in hospitals, community centers, and senior centers around New York City. Carmen was raised in the El Barrio neighborhood of New York City where she developed her love for the arts seeing inspirational murals from around her neighborhood. Carmen's artwork takes real life experiences, visuals her surroundings, and life experiences from living in a diverse melting pot of cultures. As a young child, Carmen watched her mother and grandmother knit, crochet, and sew unique traditional quilts and patterns. Carmen was also inspired by her Father who was a musician and performed in several traditional salsa bands. These experiences later inspired her to start her own techniques and to produce her own works with mixed mediums. Carmen has since crafted and created many crochet pieces, artwork, and murals which are all inspired by her upbringing in Spanish Harlem.

Desi Minchillo, Mount Sinai West, Inpatient Oncology

Desi Minchillo is both architect and artist. She has practiced as an architect for twenty three years. Her projects have involved civic structures such as courthouses and schools. In 2006, she changed her focus and embarked in the art world. Her artistic style, although influenced by architectural imagery and theory focuses on the fragility of life. Her past work has involved the use of found materials to create temporal sculptural reliefs. She has applied her past artistic investigation to her current paintings. She has participated in numerous shows and has been awarded grants from the QCA, LBI foundation and the SCA percent for arts program. She has taught workshops as a visiting artist at the LBI foundation, middle village school and creative center. She has also served as a resident artist for the past twelve years for creative center at Bellevue hospital, Mount Sinai east and west.

Glenys Rivas: BronxCare Outpatient Oncology

Glenys Rivas was born in the Dominican Republic where at the age of 12 developed a wild fascination with arts, colors, design, and clothing styles. After graduating from New York Fashion Institute of Technology in 2001, she remained in New York City and has built a career of 19-years as an Artist and Fashion Designer. Glenys has worked for various large designing companies like Bill Blass and in present time work for a nonprofit organization The Creative Center. In November of 2012 she founded a fashion design consulting service and an online retail shop where you can find exclusively Glenys Rivas' design creations.

Glenys Rivas nació en la República Dominicana, donde a la edad de 12 años desarrolló una fascinación por las artes, los colores, el diseño y el estilismo de ropa. Después de graduarse del New York Fashion Institute of Technology en 2001, permaneció en la ciudad de Nueva York y ha construido una carrera, como Artista y Diseñadora de Moda. Glenys ha trabajado para varias grandes empresas de diseño como Bill Blass y en el presente trabaja para la organización sin fines de lucros The Creative Center. En Noviembre del 2012 fundó  un servicio de consultoría de diseño de moda y una tienda virtual en línea donde se pueden encontrar exclusivamente las creaciones de diseño de Glenys Rivas.

Helen Dennis: Mount Sinai West, Outpatient Oncology

Helen Dennis is a British artist based in New York. She received her MFA at Hunter College. Prior to moving to America she studied her BA (honours) in Fine Art at the University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury, UK. 

Helen's studio practice combines drawing and alternative photography within the subject of architecture and the built environment. Her artwork can be found in public collections notably of Tiffany & Co. and Avon Inc. Helen's large scale public art works have been commissioned by the Downtown Alliance of New York, The LAB Gallery for Installation Art, NoLongerEmpty and the DUMBO Arts Festival. Helen has exhibited internationally and in the US with the support of the Queens Museum, Queens Council of the Arts, Kent County Council and South East Arts UK. She has been a Creative Capital Strategic Planning Fellow at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Helen has regularly participated as a mentor in the Immigrant Artist Program with New York Foundation for the Arts. 

Helen's love for travel has taken her to several international art residencies with organizations in Beijing, Cyprus, Italy, Reykjavik with the Icelandic Arts Association, Caldera Arts in Oregon, Mission Gallery in Wales UK, and MASS MoCA in North Adams.

Liz Rubel: Woodhull Hospital Cancer Center, NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center


Liz Rubel is a jewelry designer and production artist - born, raised, and living in Queens, NYC. Liz is in her Capstone course and final semester at the CUNY School of Professional Studies, working towards an MA in Museum Studies. Liz was working as an Artist-in-Residence at NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center and had just begun at Woodhull Hospital when Covid hit, Liz has also taught multiple workshops in the Creative Center studio. Liz is passionate about accessible education in the museum, sensory experiences, and providing spaces for healing and expression. Liz does not come from a fine arts background and believes in the power of creativity in finding everyone's inner artist.



Marika Hahn: Bellevue Hospital Cancer Center
















Marika's artwork is inspired by nature and wildlife even though NYC is her home. She is passionate about teaching and painting with watercolors. Her connection to this medium defines her work. Exploring color, shapes and brush strokes with people who have never before held a paint brush inspires Marika.

Showing patients how to "draw" with a brush is freeing. Images of seeds falling, designing a bird with decorative patterning, filling an entire page with loosely rendered flowers and leaves is relaxing. When a patient tells Marika they are not creative, I ask them to give me a few minutes of their time. Once the brush is in their hand, color gets dropped onto a wet paper and  flows and  blends into others colors. Patients are amazed. Everyone smiles. She am truly grateful for this work.

Nicole Schiro: Mount Sinai West, Outpatient Oncology

Nicole Schiro is a native New York artist.

Her studies in art include an M.F.A. (2006) and B.F.A. (2002) from Hunter College, NY, as well as the Saturday Outreach Program (1997) at Cooper Union College for the Advancement of Fine Art.  Schiro has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums, non-profit and alternative spaces, home and abroad, most notably in the United States and China. In addition, you can find artwork by the artist in Istanbul, at PG Art Gallery.

Aside from her own art, Nikki is the Artist-In-Residence for Outpatient Oncology, at Mount Sinai West (formally Roosevelt).

Nikki Schiro is the co-creator and director of OZANEAUX ArtSpace, a philanthropic, artist-run exhibition/project space established in 2009, with her partner, Frederic Ozaneaux. Here she volunteers her personal time, knowledge and professional experience to empower underrepresented artists and curators in her community.

Rebecca Kelly: Bellevue Hospital Cancer Center and NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center

Rebecca Kelly is The Creative Center Hospital Artist-In-Residence at  both NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center and Bellevue Hospital Center. For over two decades, Rebecca has been on the teaching artist  roster of Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. She feels passionately that art making deeply heals both the teacher and the student. Rebecca is a curator, storyteller, natural dyer, book and textile artist  and  weaves her art forms together to make new forms like innovative book arts, Japanese inspired textile art and hand dyed yarns. Her work has been exhibited at The Philadelphia Museum of Art Library, St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn and The Hunterdon Art Museum. Rebecca curated the award winning Bucks County Community ArtMobile in 2009-2011, transFORMations: Art Made from Recycled and Reused Materials which was viewed by over 40,000 individuals!

Regina Scudellari-Ponemon: Mount Sinai Downtown Radiation Oncology

Regina A.E. Scudellari-Ponemon is a multidisciplinary artist  & art educator based in Queens, New York.

She has worked with blind & visually impaired public/private school children, cancer patients, seniors, teachers & at risk youth  .She previously worked in cut paper, etching, silkscreen, lithography, relief print, mono print, collage, acrylic painting  & photography until Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, Paul Hawkins et al inspired a radical rethink coupled with a desire to make art that is as low impact as possible.  Her latest pieces are collages created out of serigraphs & a series of paintings entitled "Waste not, want not". The principals of recycle/reuse/reduce guide whatever she creates. Her work focuses on color & beauty in a desire to be a force & inspiration towards all that is good & positive.

Sascha Mallon: Mount Sinai Outpatient Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant

Sascha Mallon grew up in Austria, and now lives in Beacon, NY with her family. She studied art therapy at ISSA/ School for Art Therapy in Austria.

Her specialty as a hospital Artist-In-Residence is to find the perfect project for each individual. Her favorite patient activity is the one in which the participant gets completely lost, focused on the present moment and happy with the result. That can be as little as a bracelet or an art installation that takes over the whole hospital room. Her art practice is very personal, so my work as an artist in residence, her artwork and her whole life is interconnected.