The Creative Center Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program offers patients, at their bedsides and in small group settings, the opportunity to be absorbed in their own creative process, as an antidote to the pain, anxiety and boredom that is often associated with a hospitalization and a diagnosis of cancer and other serious illnesses.

During COVID-19, all of our programs were adapted to go online and artists were deemed non-essential workers and asked not to come to their hospitals sites. The foundation of this work is personal, in person intersection in addition to art making helps to prevent depression in those being treated for chronic illness. 

To continue to create personal dynamics between artists and patients/participants, you can learn more about our artists and even contact them to schedule and appointment:

 Cibele Vieira, Mount Sinai Union Square PACC and New York Presbyterian

Cibele is a conceptual artist who believes in the art's power to communicate and create communities. She also believes that part of the artist's job is to share and educate the general public about contemporary art.


Carmen Rios: Bronx Care Hospital Center, General Medicine

Carmen Paulino is a visual artist who lives and works at El Barrio's Artspace PS 109. She provides on going community art programming in hospitals, community centers, and senior centers around New York City. Carmen was raised in the El Barrio neighborhood of New York City where she developed her love for the arts seeing inspirational murals from around her neighborhood. Carmen's artwork takes real life experiences, visuals her surroundings, and life experiences from living in a diverse melting pot of cultures. As a young child, Carmen watched her mother and grandmother knit, crochet, and sew unique traditional quilts and patterns. Carmen was also inspired by her Father who was a musician and performed in several traditional salsa bands. These experiences later inspired her to start her own techniques and to produce her own works with mixed mediums. Carmen has since crafted and created many crochet pieces, artwork, and murals which are all inspired by her upbringing in Spanish Harlem.

Desi Minchillo (Desdemona) Mount Sinai West, 9A



Glenys Cepeda: BronxCare Oncology


Helen Dennis: Mount Sinai West 14


Marika Hahn: Bellevue Hospital Cancer center and Mount Sinai Chelsea Downtown


Nicole Schiro: Mount Sinai West 14


Rebecca Kelly: Bellevue Hospital Cancer Center

Regina Scudellari-Ponemon: Mount Sinai West Rad/Onc 


Sascha Mallon(Alexandra): Mount Sinai Oncology and Ruttenberg